5 funny outdoor ideas during winter

5 funny outdoor ideas during winter

Outside it is freezing cold and the Sledge Mountains are populated by small and big snow dwarfs, who are sledging down the mountain. But at the latest after the 10th downhill ride a change would be appropriate, wouldn't it? That's why we have chosen the 5 most beautiful ideas for you to do in the snow right off the slopes:

1. Make a winter picnic - even if it snows!

Correctly read - pack the picnic blanket (most have a water-repellent bottom) and take children's punch or tea in large thermos jugs. A few tasty snacks like nuts and dried fruit, a few sandwiches or salami sticks and small pretzels and you're ready for a great picnic in the snow.

When all the kids are warm and snowproof, look for a nice spot in the garden or in the city park. Maybe you even have a portable mini grill? A few hot sausages are the icing on the cake for your crazy winter picnic. Have fun!

2. Build an igloo - and read your stories in it!

What an adventure - the igloo is built first - that works particularly well when you build a basic structure from branches and twigs. An isolating mat is the perfect floor. When everything is ready, sit down with your children (in snowproof clothes, of course) and read a story - maybe Frozen?

Source: https://www.naturkinder.com/landart-mit-kindern-im-winter-und-leuchtender-schnee/

3. Make art in the snow - and don't forget your camera!

Have you heard of Landart? This is an art movement in which temporary works of art made of natural materials are created in the nature. For example, a mandala made of cones, stones, branches and leaves is beautiful. This is not only fun for children, but also a wonderful motif for the family photo album!

Source: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/159666749268482584/

4. Prepare a feast for the animals in the forest - and plunder your chestnut collection!

Do you still have any chestnuts, acorns or beechnuts left from your autumn collection and handicraft activity? Perfect - the animals in the forest are happy about the treasures you have brought with you.
Or ask at the nearest game reserve or animal park, here the collected treasures are usually gladly accepted.

Source: https://www.pinterest.de/pin/473229873329408556/

5.Make magic ice balls and icicles - your kids will love it!

To make colorful ice balls or icicles, you only need 3 things: balloons, food coloring and water. And of course icy temperatures!If the thermometer shows below 0°C, fill round and long balloons with coloured water. Best in many different colours! After some time the water is frozen to ice and your children can simply cut the balloons open. Doesn't it look beautiful? Well, if it isn't the treasure of the ice queen...

Source: https://queenvanna.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/ice-ballons/

Whatever idea you choose - we wish you lots of fun with your children in the snow!

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