A bunch of magical ideas for a unicorn party!

A bunch of magical ideas for a unicorn party!

Even if lamas and flamingos are cool - the unicorn will remain THE theme for a sugar-sweet girls' birthday party in 2019. That's why we've only collected the best ideas for a successful children's birthday for you. From the invitation to the gift bag, everything is there, let yourself be enchanted!

Invitations in a different way - unpack the ironing beads!

Here your children can do (almost) everything by themselves. Simply make a unicorn out of ironing beads and stick the ironed work of art on a blank card with double-sided adhesive tape. Stamp the word "invitation" on it and you're done!

Enchanting game ideas - the little guests will be amazed!

When everyone is well strengthened, we let the games begin... Basically, many well-known birthday games can be quickly transformed into a certain motto. In balloon dancing, the balloon is simply given a golden horn, a few flowers, ears and sleepy eyes.

And the popular "pin the tail to the cow" game is quite simply redesigned. With blindfolded eyes and under the commands of the other guests, everyone can try to stick the horn in the right place.

Everybody knows how to throw rings - this is also a great inspiration to make a unicorn party game out of it. Clever: if the throwing rings are made from bending lights, they glow magically when playing...

Time for a deep breath?

If the little guests need a break from all the games, a quiet handicraft session is just right. For the very little ones, unicorn colouring pictures and glitter stickers can be prepared.

The gift bag - a sweet reminder of this beautiful day!

The best is saved for the end - when the party is over and the parents are already at the door, the birthday child can give each guest a little something to take home. Here the usual items are sweets, pencils, bouncing balls etc. However you gave spice things up and come up with something else, like these sugar-sweet edible unicorn cookies to be prepared together with the birthday child.

For the Unicorn cookies you will need:

• Chocolate cake base

• White fondant

• Jam or chocolate cream

• Food pencil in black

• Sugar pearls and flowers

• Edible golden glitter

• Sugar glue

For the packaging:

• Cellophane bag

• coloured paper scraps

• Name labels from our shop

• double-sided tape

First, round forms are cut out of the cake base with a glass. Now roll out the fondant and shape it with the same glass. To cover the edges of the unicorn cookies, roll out the fondant circles a little thinner and place them on the cake circles. If you like, you can spread jam or chocolate cream as a filling on the cake.

The ears and the horn are now formed from the remaining fondant. For more stability all parts are fixed with a toothpick. Finally the sugar decoration is applied with edible glue and the eyes are painted with the food pencil. As soon as the small works of art have dried for a few hours, you can pack them in transparent bags and seal them with a strip of clay paper and double-sided adhesive tape. A pretty unicorn sticker makes the little thank you perfect!

Have a wonderful unicorn party!

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