Kindergarden equipment: You won't forget anything!

Kindergarden equipment: You won't forget anything!

The first day in kindergarden is getting closer and closer and your to-do list is getting longer and longer? Just as school enrolment is a great experience for parents and children, so is getting used to the kindergarden. Your little ones will be very excited and we all wish that the first day in the kindergarten turns out to be a great experience.

With our kindergarden equipment checklist you will not miss a single detail and you can enjoy this adventure as a relaxed family! And don't forget: Label everything you love!


Make sure your kids are ready for the playground in all Weather conditions! When it rains, you can't miss your rain jacket and trousers. Waterproof rubber boots withStickerKid shoe name labels are a must! Since it can get early in the morning or later in the afternoon, it's better to use bright colours and/or reflectors so that your kids are always seen everywhere.

In winter, in addition to the ski outfit, there needs to be a scarf, a beanie, 2 pairs of gloves (because who likes cold hands) in the backpack.

A change of clothes (especially during the potty-training period ☺) and non-slip house-shoes are essential throughout the year. It is best to mark everything with your name in advance so that it goes quickly in case of an emergency - this will also make your caregiver's life easier.

Download the Kindergarden Check List

For lunch break:

In some kindergardens, snacks and lunches are provided, in other facilities the children bring their own well-filled lunch box and water bottle. But you will certainly be told so soon enough!

Care and hygiene:

Diapers and wet wipes are needed for the smallest children. And for the older ones it's best to pack your favourite toothbrush and toothpaste right away. Thanks to our small name labels you can even mark these utensils quickly and easily! Just add a towel and washcloth and your kids are perfectly prepared for the big day.

For cuddling:

Depending on your preference, you can pack a few more soothers. Some day care centers allow or want your kids to bring their favourite stuffed animal and cuddly blanket. The best thing to do is to inform yourself early so that the disappointment won't be too great on the first day.

Just download our free equipment checklist for the kindergarden here and share it with other mothers so that the first day in the day care center is just as relaxed for them as it is for you!

Download the Kindergarden Check List

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