Spring awakening in your wardrobe – we show you our magical 3-step spring cleaning guide!

Spring awakening in your wardrobe – we show you our magical 3-step spring cleaning guide!

As soon as the first spring flowers sprout, we all feel the need to detox our wardrobe again. But where shall we start? The easiest place to start is the children's wardrobes and dressers. Following Marie Kondo, an LA based organizing consultant there are 3 key things: “Does it still fit?”, “Will they wear it again?” or: “that one can stay!”.

Here’s her 3-step plan for a clean, de-cluttered wardrobe:

1. Get everything out of the closets and wipe them, also wipe out the fans (if any) with a damp cloth!

2. Now we work us through each single piece: Does it still fit? Is this piece still useful for the current season (or does it have to go into an autumn/winter box?), do I (or at least my child...) like it at all?

3. Put everything back. But put it back in a way that you can see at a glance what is inside. Marie Kondo, for example, stacks (almost) all the clothes vertically in the drawers. This doesn't always fit into, as most people keep their shirts and pullovers hanged, and not in drawers. But (!!) for baby bodies and rompers, which are usually stowed in the drawers under the changing mat, this fits perfectly!

And where to put the sorted things?

Damaged clothes (hole, broken zipper, etc.), which can no longer be used comes into the old clothes collection. Things that are still in great condition are best taken to a children's second-hand shop o be donated to communities that need it.

If there is still something left, because some things were not accepted by the second hand shop’s, you can try a children's clothing bazaar.

Is there still anything left? Try to sell the whole package on the internet. Another nice possibility is to ask the kindergarten if there are any spare trousers needed. Because often enough something goes wrong here and there is not always the right spare clothing available for every child.

Now there should only be left your favorite and suitable clothes - and to make sure they don't get lost, everything should be properly labeled for kindergarten and school! You will find clothing labels and iron-on labels in different sizes in our online shop. We have the perfect label for each item.

Enjoy personalizing your very own StickerKid name labels for clothes and belongings.

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