Which items to pack for nursery?

Which items to pack for nursery?

It's time to get organised for the first day back at nursery! Whether it's the last year before school starts for the older children or the very first time for the smallest ones, the start of nursery needs to be well organised. 

Starting nursery can be a stressful time for parents and an exciting time for some children. Don't panic: we've got a little something for you to help you prepare everything you need. While most daycare providers send parents a list of things to bring with them, we've put together a quick summary of all the things you shouldn't forget to prepare for your child's first day at nursery.


Items to remember for nursery

This article, which we’ve put together for you to prepare and get organised for the first day of nursery, has been put together to help you remember all the important items for nursery, so you can get through this period with the least amount of worry possible. And remember our top tip: label all your child's belongings with nursery name tags, which is especially important for the little ones!


Clothing and shoes

What should your child wear at nursery? A pair of non-slip shoes and/or slippers are a must for every season of the year. Also remember to pack spare clothes (trousers, shorts, t-shirt, jumper, underwear) to have a clean set in case of bad weather or accidents. Label all clothes and shoes at home with our personalised name labels for nursery. Clothing name labels for nursery are absolutely essential! They make it so much quicker to identify your childs’ items for everyone involved, including the nursery staff.



In summer, don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses and a sun hat or cap. Even the smallest objects and the daintiest accessories, such as sunglasses, can be labelled with our mini nursery name labels. In winter, in addition to the thick coats and waterproofs, don’t forget to pack a scarf, a hat, two pairs of gloves (because who likes cold hands?) in a small backpack.


I want my own clothing labels for nursery


For older children, make sure they’re ready for the playground in all weather conditions! When it rains, don't forget a raincoat or suitable jacket and trousers. Waterproof wellies labelled with personalised shoe labels are a must! As you may be bringing your child early in the morning or picking them up late in the afternoon, it’s better to use bright colours and/or reflectors so that they’re always visible.


Drinking and eating

In some nurseries they make and serve snacks and lunches for the children, while in others, children bring their own well-stocked snack boxes and their own bottles of water. But we'll get to that! If you have to bring your own snacks, opt for a clever, easy-to-open snack box with different compartments so you can pack a healthy, varied snack option and a delicious lunch for your child (if they’re old enough!) to manage on their own.

Give your child an easy-to-open and sturdy bottle or flask that can cope with being dropped on the floor during their busy everyday lives. Again, label your child's bottle with named stickers for nursery to prevent it from getting lost or accidentally swapped with other children's bottles. If you have to bring breast milk to nursery, you can also label each bag with individual name labels so that the nursery staff don't make a mistake when opening the fridge!

Individual name labels for nursery are always super useful when it comes to containers for drinks or food, as they take only seconds to apply and they stay put through everything. Create your own personalised name labels with your child's name and any allergies or other important information on it. It's very practical and quick!


Care and hygiene

For younger children, don't forget to bring nappies, wet wipes and other hygiene products that aren’t provided at nursery. Also think about other products and possible specific medicines for your child. Some nurseries ask you to provide diapering materials (ointment, cotton wool, creams, etc.), so make sure you have everything you need if this is the case!

For older children, it may be necessary to bring their favourite toothbrush and toothpaste. These items can be personalised with self-adhesive name labels for nursery that stick easily and stay in place on even the thinnest accessories such as toothbrush handles. 

In addition, it may be necessary to bring a towel and a washcloth as well as a bodysuit and other spare clothes as mentioned above. 


Providing extra comfort

Your nursery bag is almost ready... but there are still a few details missing! You could add a cuddly toy as some nurseries encourage the children to bring their favourite stuffed animal or blanket. The best thing to do is to find out early if you can bring one, so you’re not disappointed when nursery begins.

If it’s encouraged and you think it’s a good idea, you can possibly bring in a few items that your child is emotionally attached to: a picture, a toy or a book to comfort them if they miss you. One last thing: if your child uses one, don't forget his or her comforter. This can be a great help to caregivers in some situations!

You can mark comforters with our customisable name labels for nursery. This will not only prevent children's things from being swapped around, but will also make it quicker and easier to find a lost or forgotten item. 


How to pack everything for the first day of nursery?

It depends on the age of the child, but a changing bag is often the most practical bag to use for daycare. You can also choose a large cotton bag, which can also be personalised with nursery name labels, or a small backpack that your child can carry on their own - if they’re old enough of course. In this case, choose a bag that’s not too heavy, waterproof, strong, easy to open and with supporting straps across the chest and hips to make it easier to carry for them.

Our final tip: in the nursery bag, you can also add a wet bag for everyday accidents. This way, wet or dirty clothes that your child brings home from nursery are appropriately stored and separated from the rest of the dry belongings. A practical solution that avoids using single-use plastic bags!


Label all your child's belongings with the daycare pack

The Stickerkid daycare pack includes 150 name labels for nursery, an ideal assortment for your child’s nursery start, so you can have peace of mind and stay organised. Once all your child's belongings have been labelled, parents and teachers/carers will be able to easily identify and find lost or forgotten items and clothes.

The daycare pack contains:

  • 30 customisable round self-adhesive labels
  • 72 customisable self-adhesive mini labels
  • 30 round iron-on clothing labels (permanent)
  • 9 pairs of customisable self-adhesive shoes labels (left and right)


I’ll personalise my own daycare pack


Nursery name labels for every type of item

This pack of name labels for nursery will help you label all your children's belongings; from the smallest items such as comforters and toothbrushes to the largest items such as water bottles, slippers or their favourite toys. These nursery labels are waterproof and washable and they can withstand the dishwasher and the microwave, making them ideal for water bottles and snack boxes that need to be washed regularly. 

The individual iron-on name labels will allow you to label all your child's clothes for nursery. They can be easily ironed on, are skin-friendly and can be tumble-dried and machine-washed at up to 60 degrees. You can also opt for other self-adhesive name labels for nursery that can be stuck on without using an iron. These labels can be removed more easily so that you can then give away or resell your baby or child's clothes when they’ve grown out of it.

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