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60 Small Name Labels

CHF 10.00

Our little stickers are not only pretty but pretty powerful. Like their big brothers and sisters, you can customize your labels exactly as you and your kids would like.

Just choose your favourite colour and font style, add the text your like and your name labels are ready. 

These stickers are just perfect for labeling your children's smaller belongings with their names.

From their toothbrushes over pens and pencils to glasses, you will always find a place to stick them.

Our little power sticker withstand any kind of adventure for years

They are waterproof, sun and scratch resistant

Easily to place & there to stay. But of course they can be removed

Dimensions: 46x6mm

1. Place the sticker on a flat surface which is clean, dry and free of any grease. The labels stick on glass, plastic, wood and metal. Not suitable for clothes and fabric.
2. Make sure that the label is well placed, avoiding any air bubbles between the sticker and the object. If air bubbles appear, push them out to the exterior of the sides with your thumb.
3. Avoid fixing them over a sharp angle, on surfaces that are too grainy or porous or on surfaces marked with felt tip pen or other indelible inks.
4. Wait 24 hours before placing the stickered item in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer for the first time. Safety: Our labels are not toys. Check regularly that the labels remain well stuck and watch your children. Immediately remove any stickers that are worn out or start peeling off.

60 Small Name Labels

There is nothing easier!
Just choose a background colour and text, and your sticker is ready.
These stickers are perfect for labeling your children's belongings with their names.
From their toothbrushes to their pens to their eye glasses, you will always find a place to stick them. Dimensions: 46x6mm All the photos of our small stickers can be seen here

60  labels
CHF 10.00

Printed with love in Switzerland

  • Ready to ship within 24h
  • Trusted by 500'000 parents

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